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Top 23 Best Financial Blogs of 2021

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Digital Legacy & Digital Estate Planning

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Our curated list of the top financial blogs for 2021

Creating a plan and having a strategy for your financial life is a critical part of protecting your loved ones, assets and ensuring you have adequate funds for the different phases of your life.

At Final Security, we partner with many different professionals in the financial industry. In our work with our partners, we have discovered some great resources that can help you gain more insights and actionable information to aid you on your financial planning journey.

Without further ado, here is our curated like of the top and best financial blogs for 2021:

Name Industry  
Furball Financial Financial Visit Blog
XY Planning Blog Financial Visit Blog
CommonSense InvestSense Financial Visit Blog
Curious and Calculated Financial Visit Blog
Portfolio Charts Financial Visit Blog
Alliant's Money Mentor Blog Financial Visit Blog
FinStream Financial Visit Blog
George Papadopoulos Blog Financial Visit Blog
NJ CPA Blog Financial Visit Blog
Money Health Financial Visit Blog
WealthCounsel Financial Visit Blog
Wealth Strategies Journal Financial Visit Blog
Wealth Management Financial Visit Blog
Afford Anything Financial Visit Blog
Financial Samurai Financial Visit Blog
Four Pillar Freedom Financial Visit Blog
rich & REGULAR Financial Visit Blog
Best Wallet Hacks Financial Visit Blog
A Wealth of Common Sense Financial Visit Blog
Get Rich Slowly Financial Visit Blog
Mr. Money Mustache Financial Visit Blog
Physician on Fire Financial Visit Blog
Of Dollars and Data Financial Visit Blog

Digital Estate Risk Assessment Calculator

According to AARP, it can take six months for financial institutions, credit-reporting bureaus and the Social Security Administration to receive, share or register death records. When you consider that timeframe and that cybercrime is now more profitable than the global illegal drug trade, your digital estate is the perfect target for criminals. We need to protect and organize our digital lives in preparation of our digital death.

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