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Scroll down to learn about some of the most common question of how Final Security's services can help you and those you love.

  • How does the Info Vault work? What can I store in there?

    The Info Vault is a digital safe that within it, contains two different services/containers. The first type is a container that allows you to store a single or collection of digital assets (files) such as but not limited to: documents, spreadsheets, photos, PDFs. The second container also allows you to upload files, but will be attached to the login credentials, information and notes relating to a service/site/company you intend to transfer to your designated beneficiary. Upon the successful completion of the death confirmation process, all items in the Info Vault are transferred to your designated beneficiary.

  • What is the difference between Social/Cloud Clean and Info Vault services?

    Services that you register under Social/Cloud Clean are managed, and the service (deleting the account) will be rendered by a Final Security team member. Login credentials and information stored in your Info Vault will be transferred to your designated beneficiary. For items in the Info Vault, you can document the purpose by providing notes on the vault item so your designated beneficiary knows your intention for you providing that information.

  • Is my data safe?

    The safety of your data is paramount and is our top priority. Final Security’s system employs end-to-end encryption. Your data is encrypted and protected at every level. From typing on your computer, through the internet and into our application (using AES256 encryption) and servers at rest.

  • Is two-factor authentication used?

    Yes, two-factor authentication is required for logging into your portal. It is important that a valid phone number is provided.

  • How does the death confirmation process work?

    The death confirmation process incorporates a multi-tier approach combinating automated systems as well as direct outreach from our team between you and your designated beneficiary to verify your living status.

    You receive an automated message which you have a specified amount of time in which to respond

    If no response is received, a team member will contact you directly

    If we are unable to reach you, we will then contact your designated beneficiary

    If needed, local authorities may be contacted for a welfare check

  • What device types are supported?

    Currently, we support Apple (macOS & iOS), Windows 10 and Android. We are working to support other devices, and information will be released as soon as it becomes available.

  • Device Cleaning coverage explained

    With such a wide array of device makes and models, our device cleaning service implementation and coverage varies per device type. Click on your device type below to learn more.

    • Android

      Google has begun changing the requirements for Android Management. As such, we currently have two different options for Android coverage, "Work Profile" and "Fully Managed".

      Work Profile

      You can join your device to our service without having to factory reset your device. A separate space is set up on your phone where you can store your data that will be remotely wiped upon confirmation of death: photos, contacts, apps, etc.

      Fully Managed

      If you want your entire device and all data to be fully wiped, this now can only be done during installation of a new phone or after a factory reset. We understand that this is not the most convenient option, but it is available to you.

    • Windows

      Windows 10 devices can be joined to our device cleaning service. Upon registering a Windows system in your portal, you will be able to download our installer software.

    • Apple (macOS & iOS)

      Apple (macOS & iOS) devices can be joined to our device cleaning service. Upon registering an Apple system in your portal, you will be able to download our installer software.

  • Do I have to cover a device?

    No, device coverage is optional. You can add and remove device coverage at any time.

  • Is the Basic plan level really free?

    Yes, the basic plan coverage is really free. However, it is a limited account and only provides a small Info Vault space giving you the ability to store and account for your most important digital estate planning needs.

  • What does one message mean for the My Final Goodbye feature?

    A message is considered one "email". You will be able to send each message to one or many different people.

    For example, with the Basic plan, you can send one message to one or many different people. For Plus or Life plans, you can create unlimited messages, to one or many people.

  • What is digital death and digital estate planning?

    Digital Death is the process of planning and taking action to control what happens to your digital information, as well as controlling who will receive the information, documents, photos and account passwords when you pass. Digital Death and Digital Estate Planning go hand-in-hand. You need to take time to think and take inventory of what your digital life looks like, before it's too late. You can read more on our blog post here.

  • Why does this matter?

    So, What Happens to My Data When I Die?

    The short answer is, anything can happen, unless you take action. Without taking steps while you are alive to plan and control what occurs, anything can and will happen. You and your loved ones could be susceptible to:

    • People snooping
    • Stolen intellectual property
    • Family finding unwanted items
    • Identity theft
    • Stolen credit cards
    • Ghosting (See our blog post about ghosting)

    You can read more on our blog post here.

  • How at risk is my Digital Estate?

    As technology has become a main component to most areas of our lives, we are constantly building a digital footprint. Your digital footprint carries with it aspects that need to be accounted for so that your digital life is properly transferred and cleaned to protect you and those your love from issues such as identity theft during the 6 month window before the government fully recognizes your death.

    This brief survey will help you understand your risks and how to properly handle them.

  • How does this all work?

    The process is quite easy. After signing up, you will be able to register your devices, add accounts and files to your vault, as well as which social/cloud services to be deleted. Our state-of-the-art AI systems will determine your living status. While being a living member, our system will provide you with notifications and reports to ensure your information in our system is current to ensure the proper execution of service when that time comes.

  • Why should I care?

    Life Happens Fast

    While life is moving along at its "normal" cadence, it is easy to fall into a false sense of security. Bad things happen to other people, in other places, and will not affect me or my family and loved ones. Then, at a moment's notice, life hits like a ton-of-bricks. Car accidents, unknown health issues, the loss of employment, the end of relationships are all examples of life quickly reminding us that there are many things out of our control.

    As technology has become a main component to most aspects of our lives, we are constantly building a digital footprint. Take a moment to think about all the different aspects of your daily digital life:

    • Online accounts and passwords
    • Photos
    • Documents
    • Banking
    • Shopping (credit cards)
    • Your different devices

    Those are just some examples of what could be an endless list. In our current society, we need to consider what happens to our digital lives when we pass (our digital death). Digital Estate Planning is now becoming a requirement during your estate planning process.

    Final Security's services offer a wide variety of benefits. The Info Vault enables our customers to ensure that they are passing along their important files, photos, documents and login information in a clean, organized and efficient manner. Our device cleaning service gives customers peace of mind in their final days knowing that their private information will be wiped clean. This protects not only their legacy, but ensures that sensitive information on the machine will not be used for nefarious reasons such as ghosting or after-life identity theft. Another popular and non-obvious advantage to our service is the ability to avoid the hassles and stress of the probate process.


"I never thought about planning my digital estate until a neighbor explained it. I'm not a technology guru, but I still have a good deal of digital assets, including passwords and digital documents, which Final Security helped me protect. I'm so glad I did this for my family."

Tara L.

Los Angeles, CA

"Final Security is a service you wish you never had to use, but you'll sure be happy you have it when the time comes!"

Megan H.

San Diego, CA

"Endless value, and unbeatable support. I feel at ease knowing that I have all my digital life in place for my family."

Andrew V.

New York, NY

"Probate is awful. After dealing with the nightmare that was my father's estate, I wanted to make sure I had all my ducks in a row. Final Security was the last missing piece of the puzzle for me. "

Morgan C.

Philadelphia, PA

"If you enjoy being on endless support calls with many different companies, trying to get access to accounts, donít sign up for Final Security. They will make your life too easy!"

Sarah J.

Denver, CO

"I love it. My wife loves it. Highly recommend to anyone looking to make plans for the inevitable."

Joshua A.

Columbus, OH

Digital Estate Risk Assessment Calculator

According to AARP, it can take six months for financial institutions, credit-reporting bureaus and the Social Security Administration to receive, share or register death records. When you consider that timeframe and that cybercrime is now more profitable than the global illegal drug trade, your digital estate is the perfect target for criminals. We need to protect and organize our digital lives in preparation of our digital death.

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Your privacy, safety and security is our top priority and at the core of everything we do. Your data is encrypted and protected at every level. From typing on your computer, through the Internet and into our application and servers.

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Digital Estate Planning, Final Security encrypts your data at every level

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