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How Our Digital Estate & Legacy Planning Process Works

The timeline belows show how the Final Security process works from start to finish.

Get Protected
Create Your Account

Get started by creating your account. After joining, you'll be able to register your devices, upload files to your Info Vault, and enroll your social & cloud accounts for managed deletion.

Select Your Beneficiary

While creating your account, you will select a designated beneficiary to receive your information and files.

* Can be changed at anytime

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Keeping Current

Keeping your account information is a key part of the process

When The Times Comes

When the times comes, our system will begin a multi-tier process between you and your beneficiary to verify your living status.

Protection & Transfer

When we have confirmed your passing, our process continues and opens a private portal for your beneficiary to access your information. Your registered devices will be wiped, as well as any registered social and cloud accounts.

Peace of Mind

Final Security provides you the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected from cybercrimes, unnecessary financial expenses and will have find all your important files and information. In addition to protecting your legacy.


Sign-up and and get protected in a matter of minutes.

Get Protected

Free Digital Legacy & Digital Estate Planning, Final Security.