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Digital Estate Planning Checklist

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Your Free Digital Estate Planning Checklist

When planning your digital estate, there are many different types of assets and other variables to consider. The checklist below is a good starting point for you to begin to think about what types of information you should add to your info vault.

  •   Email accounts
    •   Usernames, passwords and service names
  •   Social media accounts
    •   Usernames, passwords and service names
  •   Important documents
    •   Will, Trust, Guardian designations and wishes, Mortgage/home/land documents, Business information, Life insurance, Possessions of value, Directives, Real estate Information, Cars, Boats documents/information
  •   Photos
    •   Family photos, Business assets, Family addresses
  •   Music
  •   Spreadsheets
    •   Financial, Home budgeting
  •   Medical files
    •   Directives, Medical history, Genetic testing
  •   Cryptocurrency files
    •   Type
      •   Exchange
        •   Usernames and passwords
        •   Encryption keys
      •   Local
        •   Encryption keys
        •   Passwords
  •   Subscriptions
    •   Video
      •   Netflix, Hulu, Disney+
    •   Music
      •   Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio
    •   Services
      •   Amazon Prime, YouTube, Food delivery, Clothing services
  •   Financial
    •   Banking, Credit cards
      •   General account information
        •   Checking, savings
        •   Usernames, passwords and service names
      •   Investments
        •   Stocks, bond, real estate
      •   Documents
        •   Retirement, Life insurance, Health savings
    •   Digital projects
      •   Blogs
      •   Domain names
      •   Digital front information
      •   App login information
      •   Source files for code projects
    •   Family Recipes

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