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Final Security is a digital estate planning company that specializes in cleaning and transferring your digital information and assets upon death. Final Security's patented* process utilizes our state-of-the-art AI (artificial intelligence) systems to determine your living status. It's estate planning for your digital life.

Password Fairy

Do you know what happens to your digital life once you're gone?

I wouldn't trust the password fairy!

As we rely and utilize technology in our daily lives, you must account for your digital estate and digital legacy to protect your families, ensure your important files and passwords are found, and secure your legacy.

The password fairy will not magically help you once you're gone; you must be proactive with your digital estate & digital legacy planning. You can get started with Final Security today for free!

Protect My Family

"No one likes to talk about death. The password fairy is a fun way to bring awareness to and start the conversation around an important topic."

-Christopher W. Huziak, CEO & Founder, Final Security

Christopher is a digital estate & digital legacy expert. He is available to join you on your platform to connect and discuss your digital estate & digital legacy. Contact him today.

Why is digital estate & digital legacy planning important?

Family & Legacy
According to AARP, it can take six months for financial institutions, credit-reporting bureaus and the Social Security Administration to receive, share or register death records. They also report that close to 800,000 deceased individuals are targeted for identity theft annually [and this number will grow exponentially]. With a name, address and birth date, criminals can purchase a Social Security number for as little as $10. You need to protect your digital assets to avoid your loved ones from having to deal with post-life identity theft, financial accounts being drained as well as other cybercrimes.

Additionally, organizing your digital estate with your important files, usernames and passwords and other digital assets allows loved ones to avoid expensive and stressful probate processes and legal fees, ensuring your most important files will be found and accessed.

Protect My Family
Final Security providing free estate planning, including digital to help protect families and love ones
Final Security Free Digital Estate Planning Logo, Shield version
Final Security providing free estate planning, including digital to help protect families and love ones

Digital Estate & Digital Legacy Planning with Final Security

Final Security is the first and only complete digital estate & digital legacy planning company. Our services and patent pending processes include:

Info Vault: You can collect your files, photos, account information and passwords in our encrypted Info Vault to be transferred to your designated beneficiary upon death.

Device Cleaning: Your registered devices will be wiped clean, ensuring you pass on only the information you want to share while protecting loved ones from cybercrime and protecting your legacy.

Social Media & Cloud Cleaning: Arrange to have your social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc), subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, etc) and cloud accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) deleted/closed by one of our staff members, protecting your loved ones and securing your legacy.

Online & Digital Will: You can create a basic will and have it automatically added to your Info Vault.

My Final Goodbye: Create a video message or a text-only email that will be sent after you're gone.

Free digital estate & digital legacy planning

Final Security has made digital estate & digital legacy planning free and available to everyone:

Basic: Our Basic plan is now free. You will receive an Info Vault with enough space to ensure your important documents and assets are accounted for; no credit card required.

Plus: Those that require more, our plus plan has you covered for $1.99 a month. The Plus plan provides 10GB of Info Vault space in addition to 4 managed deletions of social & cloud accounts. Another optional feature of the Plus plan is device wiping. You can add our device wiping service for only $1 per month, per device.

Life: The Life Plan offers a one-time payment option. You receive 10GB of Info Vault space, 2 devices are included in this plan, in addition to 4 managed deletions of social & cloud accounts. You also have the option to add additional devices, $1 per month, per device.


Your privacy, safety and security is our top priority and at the core of everything we do. Your data is encrypted and protected at every level. From typing on your computer, through the Internet and into our application and servers.

Learn more about how we secure your data.

Digital Estate Planning, Final Security is HIPAA Compliant
Digital Estate Planning, Final Security uses SSL to encrypt in transit
Digital Estate Planning, Final Security used two factor authentication
Digital Estate Planning, Final Security encrypts your data at every level

Need More Time?

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Your trusted digital legacy & estate planning platform, Final Security.