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We help with digital estate & legacy planning.

Scroll down to learn about some of the ways in which Final Security's services can help you and those you love.

Your Important Files

Ensure your important files are not lost when your estate is settled.

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Important Photos

Curate your important photos that you want to make sure are passed on.

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Login Information

Pass on your usernames and passwords to important services.

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Avoid Probate

Avoid the cost, stress and waiting of the probate process by helping you clearly convey your wishes.*

* Details must be provided in full and uploaded by member

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Asset Protection

Knowing your device has been erased will ensure no one will be able to steal your information and only the information you want others to have is passed on.

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Social Protection

Not allowing your social media accounts to live on forever will protect your legacy, and protect your friends and family.

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Identity Theft / Ghosting

While the government takes a period of time to certify one's death, thieves can steal your identity causing more pain for loved ones.

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Disaster Recovery

Your Info Vault can double as a means of off-site, secure backup, protecting your data against unforeseen disasters.

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It's a difficult time

Final Security has allowed me to know that my loved ones will receive my most important digital information.


"I never thought about planning my digital estate until a neighbor explained it. I'm not a technology guru, but I still have a good deal of digital assets, including passwords and digital documents, which Final Security helped me protect. I'm so glad I did this for my family."

Tara L.

Los Angeles, CA

"Final Security is a service you wish you never had to use, but you'll sure be happy you have it when the time comes!"

Megan H.

San Diego, CA

"Endless value, and unbeatable support. I feel at ease knowing that I have all my digital life in place for my family."

Andrew V.

New York, NY

"Probate is awful. After dealing with the nightmare that was my father's estate, I wanted to make sure I had all my ducks in a row. Final Security was the last missing piece of the puzzle for me. "

Morgan C.

Philadelphia, PA

"If you enjoy being on endless support calls with many different companies, trying to get access to accounts, donít sign up for Final Security. They will make your life too easy!"

Sarah J.

Denver, CO

"I love it. My wife loves it. Highly recommend to anyone looking to make plans for the inevitable."

Joshua A.

Columbus, OH

Digital Estate Risk Assessment Calculator

According to AARP, it can take six months for financial institutions, credit-reporting bureaus and the Social Security Administration to receive, share or register death records. When you consider that timeframe and that cybercrime is now more profitable than the global illegal drug trade, your digital estate is the perfect target for criminals. We need to protect and organize our digital lives in preparation of our digital death.

How at Risk...

Is Your Digital Estate?

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How at risk is your digital estate? Get your free personalized digital estate planning report.


Your privacy, safety and security is our top priority and at the core of everything we do. Your data is encrypted and protected at every level. From typing on your computer, through the Internet and into our application and servers.

Learn more about how we secure your data.

Digital Estate Planning, Final Security is HIPAA Compliant
Digital Estate Planning, Final Security uses SSL to encrypt in transit
Digital Estate Planning, Final Security used two factor authentication
Digital Estate Planning, Final Security encrypts your data at every level

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